Groucho's Famous Formula 45 Sauce

During “Groucho” Miller’s time in Philadelphia in the early 1930s the Reuben Sandwich started popping up on Menus in the local delicatessens. Russian dressing was a popular and innovative condiment atop the signature corned beef, Swiss and kraut sandwich. When Groucho opened his delicatessen in Columbia (1940), the classic Reuben was new to Columbia and a top seller. For several years Groucho toyed with the Russian dressing recipe in an effort to capture the local southern flavor. In 1945 Miller’s Russian dressing variation became sweet and tangy. Groucho knew this new dressing paired better with pastrami, which is spicier than corned beef and muenster cheese. Groucho’s debuted the “Reuben Variation” served with 45 Sauce in 1945. Groucho Miller immediately sold his new 45 Sauce with all of his sandwiches. After Groucho Miller and his son Ivan debuted the trademark “Dipper” Subs in the 1960s, 45 Sauce became Columbia’s original iconic sandwich condiment.

Today, Groucho's Deli customers dip almost everything in their Famous Formula 45 Sauce.