Groucho's Gives Back

Groucho's Gives Back

The “Groucho’s® Gives Back” concept is a key component of each Groucho’s® Deli Franchised location. Groucho’s® Franchise Systems emphasizes the desire for each unit to engage and support its local community.

If you have a cause or organization within the community that we serve and would like to partner with us on a % night or event, please complete this form. It will help you in preparing and presenting your information for the use of Groucho's Deli in reference to coordinating a Groucho's Gives Back event.


  • Please complete all pages in full. Incomplete applications may delay action.
  • The completion of this application places no continuing obligation on either party.
  • Only the locations in the dropdown option below are participating in Groucho's Gives Back campaigns at this time.
  • Gives Back events are eligible on weeknights, Monday through Thursday, 4 pm-close.
  • As of August 2022, percentage is calculated based on in-store orders. Please check the box on the form if you would like online orders through our website and app to be considered.
  • Third-party orders and sales (DoorDash et. al.) are not included.

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Groucho's Deli & GiftAMeal

Introducing: GiftAMeal

Groucho’s® Deli has an 80-year tradition of giving back to the communities we serve. Now, you can join us and give back to your community with every visit and photo.

For each customer photo shared, GiftAMeal donates to a local food bank near you to cover the cost of distributing 1.2 lbs of healthy groceries to a neighborhood pantry.

Gift your photo... GiftAMeal. Share and donate below!

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