Our To-Go Containers are More Than Meets the Eye.

At Groucho's Deli we want to give everyone the best experience possible, including the Earth we stand on.

We are able to do this through our biodegradable to-go boxes and containers, provided to us by Tellus. A Tellus to-go box is made out of plant fibers including sugarcane to create innovative boxes, bowls, and to-go containers that compost back into the Earth in only 84 days. Tellus also only creates, ships and packages their products from the state of Florida, keeping their carbon footprint extremely low. However, just because the to-go containers are made of plants and compost in 84 days, doesn't mean they aren't durable. Every container that Tellus produces is extremely heavy duty, geared to perform through the power of plants. So you don't need to worry about your food crashing through the bottom of the box.

Over the past year, Groucho’s Deli and Tellus have kept 1.6 million styrofoam boxes out of landfills. This is a number we are both extremely proud of and we can’t wait to see the lasting effects of this movement.

To better share what we do with Tellus, Groucho's Deli is hosting a Sustainability Day at the 5 points and West Columbia locations on March 14th and 15th. Make sure to stop by!