Sweet Relief: Agave At Last

Groucho’s Deli locations are proud to now feature Sustainable Agave products in stores and to-go orders.


Groucho’s Deli struggled with the permanent impact of single-use plastics; for Groucho’s, thinking and acting sustainably means accountability to the environment, our communities, the general health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, and profits. We believe this approach will provide safety, efficiency, accountability, and longevity that protects our employees, customers, communities, franchisees, and the environment - both now and for generations to come.

The answer to single-use plastics? A circular economy, where our upcycled disposables are as good for the planet as our food is good for you!

Break It Down

Groucho’s Deli locations are proud to now feature Sustainable Agave products in stores and to-go orders. We partnered with Sustainable Agave Company, a provider of upcycled foodservice products, to source sustainable biodegradable utensils and straws made with leftover agave plant material.

Agave, the plant that we know and love for tequila, nectar, and its beautiful green color, can provide great utility through upcycling and processing the plant waste. “Our founder watched tons of unused agave plant material go to waste from tequila production and chose to take action to solve the problem,” said Graeme Switzer, Marketing Director for Sustainable Agave Company. “We dislike paper straws - just ask my daughter - and the potential of agave is proving to be beneficial not just for single-use purposes at restaurants, but even projects like clothing and modular homes.”

As we embark on this North American partnership, we are officially pioneering what sustainability can look like in the South today.

Natural Together

In 2021, Groucho’s Deli switched to a new type of foam cup to keep our Famous Sweet Tea colder. Vio biodegradable cups offer “the world’s most biodegradable* foam cups that biodegrade 92% over 4 years. Again in 2021, we transitioned to plant-based compostable to-go boxes that break down in less than 84 days* with no PFAS added.

With our recent switch to Sustainable Agave biodegradable utensils, Groucho’s Deli to-go orders are now fully consumable, compostable, and earth-friendly.

Groucho’s Deli formalized a framework for sustainability: Taste The Good. Click here to read more.